Interested in Working for FPA?

If interested in a position with FPA, applicants are welcome to submit materials any time throughout the year at the link below. If and when a position becomes available that matches your experience or expertise, our hiring team will reach out to you regarding a potential interview. We are currently looking for experienced K-12 instructors and assistant instructors to teach at FPA.

K-12 Instructions & Instructure Assistant Job Description


Once selected for a teaching position, teachers must complete technology training as soon as possible. After the technology training is complete, teachers are required to teach a mini lesson at the end of their interview.

This mini lesson during the interview verifies that teachers can access and utilize technology, and gives us a sense of teaching demeanor. Teachers who fail to complete the test, or are unable to master the technology, cannot move on to actual classroom teaching.

Each teacher is an independent contract worker. Compensation is based on an established per pupil rate and is, therefore, determined by the number of students in each class they teach.

Providing an estimated minimum income level allows us to determine if the anticipated compensation for the available position(s) would be sufficient. Because we understand the first year is the most difficult for new online teachers, we prefer to limit the number of courses and sections for new teachers to provide the opportunity to become familiar with the amount of work and the technology necessary to conduct a class smoothly and effectively.

We expect our teachers to provide quality, content-rich courses and prompt feedback to students. Our turnover rate is low, but we are also experiencing growth. New teachers are always needed.

Our hiring process is completed by mid-February. However, resumes are accepted throughout the year and kept on file should a need occur.

If you fit this description, please submit the following 4 items in PDF format to